Stability of cylindrical anisotropic composite shells under torsion in a three-dimensional formulation




anisotropic cylindrical shell, three-dimensional setting, torsional stability


The article presents a calculation of the stability of non-thin cylindrical anisotropic layered shells under the action of end torsional moments in a spatial formulation. The anisotropy of the used material is characterized by one plane of elastic symmetry of characteristics. This is caused by the mismatch between the main elastic directions of the composite fibrous orthotropic material and the axes of the curvilinear cylindrical coordinate system.

A three-dimensional inhomogeneous system of partial differential equations describing the subcritical stress-strain state within the linear theory of elasticity is derived using the Hu-Washizu variational principle. Reducing the dimension of the problem under consideration from three-dimensional to one-dimensional is carried out by taking into account the axial symmetry of the deformation of the cylindrical shell and using the method of straight lines along the generatrix.

Based on the modified Hu-Washizu variational principle, a three-dimensional system of homogeneous partial differential stability equations is derived within the framework of the spatial theory of elasticity. The reduction of a three-dimensional system to a one-dimensional one is carried out along the generatrix and in the circular direction - by expanding the components of stresses and displacements into double trigonometric series when applying the procedure of the Bubnov-Galorkin method, as well as taking into account the periodicity of the resolving functions.

An algorithm has been developed, implemented in the form of application software packages for PCs. In it, in a single computational process using the numerical method of discrete orthogonalization in the direction normal to the middle surface of the shell, the establishment of the parameters of the subcritical stress-strain state and the solution on this basis of stability problems for non-thin anisotropic cylindrical shells under the influence of torsion are combined.

The problem of the influence on the stability of an anisotropic cylindrical non-thin shell of an increase in the number of cross-reinforced layers depending on the angle of rotation of the main directions of elasticity of the material and the direction of application of torque is considered. The obtained results of stability calculations according to the proposed approach were compared with critical torsion loads calculated using an orthotropic model for calculating anisotropic shells. It is shown that for single-layer cylindrical shells the difference between the compared results reaches 69%. An increase in the number of cross-reinforced layers leads to a decrease in this discrepancy, and with seven to eight layers, the difference between the critical loads obtained using the described approach and the orthotropic model is within 5%. This result is consistent with those obtained using classical or refined theories of calculations of both thin and non-thin anisotropic cylindrical shells.

Author Biographies

Volodymyr Trach, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

doctor of technical sciences, professor, head of the department of bridges and tunnels, support of materials and construction mechanics

Andrii Podvornyi, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the department of bridges and tunnels, support of materials and construction mechanics


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