Tall von-Mises trusses' skew-symmetric deformation





distortional buckling, skew-symmetric deformation, tall von-Mises truss, horizontl elastic supports, sloped load, three-hinged truss, ridge joint


The work’s aim is to investigate the tall two-rods three-hinged von-Mises trusses' deformation regularities at the sloped load that applied to the ridge joint.The horizontal elastic support influence in the ridge joint when changing the force's inclination angle in a wide range is also investigated Particular attention is paid to the tall two-rod trusses' skew-symmetric stability loss possibility. The possibility of the skew-symmetric shape of а loss of stability of high trusses with at a very small angle of inclination of the force from the vertical axis was confirmed. The horizontal elastic support's influence on increasing the stability against skew-symmetric deformation was shown.It was found that skew-symmetry deformation is essentially non-linear, but under certain conditions it is not catastrophic.It is also noticed that asymmetric deformation depends on vertical deformation.Scientific novelty lies in a detailed study of the tall two-rod three-hinged trusses' deformation, and the establishment of the tendency of such structures to skew-symmetric buckling.The tall von-Mises trusses' new detailed deformation regularities character at skew-symmetric deformation at small inclination angles of force that applied in the ridge joint has been established. Also, the two-rod structures' new deformation regularities has been revealed with a wide inclination angles range of the concentrated force applied in the ridge joint. It is shown that on increasing the loading's inclination angles, which coincide with the rod's inclination angles, the stability loss of the individual rods is possible, since there is a significant increase in the truss' carrying capacity. The research results can be used in the structure design of large general dimensions, modeling of which gives the real structure work under various loads.

Author Biographies

Serhii Bilyk, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Head of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures

Hennadii Tonkacheiev, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor of the Department of Construction Technologies, Vice-Rector of KNUBA for educational and methodical work

Artem Bilyk, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures

Vitalii Tonkacheiev, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Metal and Wooden Structures


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