Fourth international conference on recent advances in nonlinear mechanics RANM 2019

Viktor Bazhenov, Olga Pogorelova, Tetiana Postnikova


The authors took part in the work of the Fourth International Conference on Recent Advances in Nonlinear Mechanics that was holding in Poland, in Lodz in May 2019. They contributed the presentation titled “Observing the Intermittent Transition to Chaos in Vibroimpact System with Wavelet Transform Applying” by V.A. Bazhenov, O.S. Pogorelova, T.G. Postnikova. They told about watching the intermittency route to chaos and the boundary crisis in vibro-impact system with a small change in the control parameter. The presentation was illustrated by bright slides. The surfaces of wavelet coefficients and their projections show the system chaotic motion and intermittency very visibly and clearly.

The conference was very representative, and many well-known prominent scientists from 23 countries attended the conference. 7 plenary lectures and 102 sectional reports were heard. Well-known distinguished scientists Professors Marian Wiercigroch (UK) and Przemyslaw Perlikowski (Poland) were the chairs of conference. The conference had some, we can say, engineering orientation. The reports often discussed important issues of nonlinear mechanics on examples of specific engineering objects. Almost all reports presented the section "Objectives and Motivation". Many experimental results were discussed.

Unfortunately, there were only 4 participants from Ukraine, only 2 contributions were made by Ukrainian scientists themselves. But there were 4 contributions with a large number of famous co-authors from different countries and 2 co-authors from Ukraine among them. Poland as the hostess presented 43 reports and 104 participants. Of course, English was the work language and the language of communication.

The conference was perfectly organized. The organizers held two wonderful excursions. There was excellent music interlude as Opening Ceremony. There was a great congratulation to the famous scientist Professor Tomasz Kapitaniak on his anniversary at the Conference Dinner.

In the article, the authors share their impressions about the work of the conference.


international scientific conference; nonlinear mechanics; prominent well-known scientists; report; nonlinear phenomena; chaotic dynamics


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