Transmission shafts vibrations in transient rotating modes




inertia forces, dynamic stability, numeric differentiation, transmission shaft vibration, rotational speeds


The paper presents the investigation results of the transmission shaft dynamic behavior in transient modes of motion with change of the rotational speeds. Such modes occur during the transmission shaft transmits torque from engine to executive device. This process can be accompanied by vibration with change of frequency and amplitude of shaft oscillation. Therefore, the question of studying the dynamic behavior of such systems with identifying the impact of rotational speeds changing on them is relevant. In this regard, the study was done by developed software, in which a technique of computer simulation of the oscillating motion of considerable rotating rods under the action of inertia forces is implemented. Such software gives the possibility to model the oscillatory motion of rotating rods and determine the parameters by which the dynamic stability loss of the studying system can occur. Using this software, the diagrams of rod oscillating motion of the rotating shaft were drawn for definite parameters of the considered system. The process of oscillation is considered in space. The mathematical model of transverse oscillations is described by system of differential equations in rotating coordinate system that is tied to the shaft, but diagrams of oscillations is shown in inertial coordinate system. It is shown that when the speed of rotation changes, namely at the time interval of its increase, this process continues with growth of oscillation frequency during the acceleration time. Also shown that the amplitude of oscillations increases, too. After pass to next constant speed of rotation, the frequency of oscillations, as shown in diagrams, decreases back. Such increase of oscillation frequency during the acceleration can lead to undesirable consequences of destructive nature.

Author Biographies

Petro Lizunov, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Construction Mechanics

Valentyn Nedin, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Construction Mechanics


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