The ribbed-annular dome's upper tier model stability experimental studies




ribbed-annular dome, Mises' truss, stability loss, elastic horizontal supports, support ring, puff, upper tier


Abstract. Purpose. The work’s aim is to check the stability loss hypothesis with the snap-through effect of the ribbed-annular dome's upper tier on a full-scale model by experimental tests, and confirming the nonlinear tier's work under external load. Methodology. The ribbed-ring dome circumscribe in the plan as a circle with a diameter of 18 m with the dome rise ratio to the span - 1/4, which consisted of 8 ribs and had 6 tiers in height, was taken as an dome-model analog.The upper tier of the dome is bounded by the lower ring, which is the upper ring for the tier below, and the dome's upper support ring.Tier rings and ribs are made of steel closed bent welded profiles with rectangular cross section. As a dome's upper tier model, it was decided to use the von-Mises truss as a popular model for two-rod inclined systems' theoretical stability studies, which allows modeling these systems nonlinear behavior. The classic von-Mises truss using in modeling the dome's upper tier behavior is associated with a number of problems.First, the tier is a three-dimensional system with eight rods, so it was decided to model the tier with an equivalent low-pitched truss, which is 1/4 of the upper tier.Secondly, the lower tier ring has limited rigidity and can be deformed, while the classic truss has fixed supports, which is why it was decided to add elastic horizontal supports to the classic von-Mises truss model.Horizontal elastic supports were performed as steel pair puffs and were simulated the dome's upper tier lower support ring deformations. Findings. The obtained data primary and secondary processing, and the full-scale experiment results analysis were carried out. The ribbed-annular dome's upper tier nonlinear deformations nature under the external concentrated vertical load action in the ridge node was confirmed.It was established that in the ridge joint the upper tier's stability loss nature has the snap-through effect. Scientific innovation. The deformation dependencies for the equivalent von-Mises truss with elastic supports with the help of full-scale experimentwere obtained. A comparison of the equivalent truss' behavior experimental studies results with the existing theoretical studies' results was made. The experimental and theoretical studies results analysis confirmed the experimental data results reliability and analytical expressions  feasibility use for the preliminary assessment of von-Mises truss' with elastic supports stability. Practical value. The obtained results of experimental research allow creating tools for designers to increase the dome structures reliability.

Author Biographies

Vitalii Tonkacheiev, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures

Serhii Bilyk, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures, Head of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures


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