Parametric optimization of steel lattice portal frame with chs structural members




optimization, steel lattice frame, nonlinear programming, strength, buckling, stiffness, gradient projection method, finite element method, numerical algorithm


The paper has proposed a mathematical model for parametric optimization problem of the steel lattice portal frame. The design variable vector includes geometrical parameters of the structure (node coordinates), as well as cross-sectional dimensions of the structural members. The system of constraints covers load-carrying capacities constraints formulated for all design sections of structural members of the steel structure subjected to all ultimate load case combinations. The displacements constraints formulated for the specified nodes of the steel structure subjected to all serviceability load case combinations have been also included into the system of constraints. Additional requirements in the form of constraints on lower and upper values of the design variables, constraints on permissible minimal thicknesses, constraints on permissible maximum diameter-to-thickness ratio for the structural members with circle hollow sections, as well as the conditions for designing gusset-less welded joints between structural members with circle hollow sections have been also considered in the scope of the mathematical model. The method of the objective function gradient projection onto the active constraints surface with simultaneous correction of the constraints violations has been used to solve the formulated parametric optimization problem. New optimal layouts of the steel lattice portal frame by the criterion of the minimum weight, as well as minimum costs on manufacturing and erection have been presented.

Author Biographies

Vitalina Yurchenko, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures

Ivan Peleshko, Lviv Polytechnic National University

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor of the Department of Construction Production


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