Calculation of the improved steel beams of buildings and structures of the mining and metallurgical complex




beam, perforated wall, weight saving, fatigue strength


Load-bearing elements of buildings and structures of the mining and metallurgical complex in recent decades need to develop new more effective design solutions due to the intensification of technological processes, an increase in temperature loads and aggressiveness of the environment. The main direction of increasing the efficiency of such elements is their design from economically alloyed steel, which allows to increase the resource of structures and prevent accidents with a significant increase in temperature. Due to the fact that alloyed steels have higher mechanical characteristics at elevated temperatures, the question arises of creating lightweight beam structures from such steels, reducing their material consumption while maintaining the stability and fatigue strength of beams, the most promising is the use of welded beams with a perforated wall and composite beams.

The creation of the most effective cross-sectional shape of metal beams with a perforated wall and welded beams, as well as crane beams in transverse bending, considering strength, local stability, flat bending stability and fatigue strength is considered. It is shown that an effective shape of beams with a perforated wall is a box-shaped structure made of perforated channels. A calculation was carried out to select a rational design made of an assortment of hot-rolled channel profiles. It is shown that due to the use of the proposed sectional shape, significant savings in the weight of the structure can be achieved. Considering the three-dimensional stress-strain state, the fatigue strength of welded metal crane girders operating in severe conditions is estimated. The efficiency of using a hot-rolled I-beam as the upper chord of such welded beams is shown. The necessity of using a hot-rolled I-beam and to ensure the fatigue strength of the lower chord is demonstrated.

The use of the previously proposed combined method for calculating the structures of industrial buildings and structures and the use of economically alloyed steels allows us to create new designs of critical elements that reduce their material consumption and increase their resource. Further research can be carried out for real object designs in order to reduce their cost and increase reliability during operation in the conditions of mining and metallurgical production.

Author Biographies

Yukhym Gezentsvey, Metinvest Engineering LLC

Expert of buildings design

Viktor Olevskyi, Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology

Doctor of technical science, Professor, Head of the Chair of higher mathematics

Denys Volchok, Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Phd, Associate professor of the Chair of structural mechanics and strength of materials

Oleksandr Olevskyi, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Certificated partner of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks (CSWA), member of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)


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