Bearing capacity of steel-fiber-concrete slabs with biaxially prestressed reinforcement




bearing capacity, steel-fiber-concrete, bending moment, curvature, prestressed reinforcement, relative deformations, stresses in reinforcement, stresses in steel-fiber-concrete


The aim of the research is to obtain new experimental data of biaxially prestressed steel-fiber-concrete slabs under transverse loading and to develop a method for calculating their bearing capacity.

Experimental-theoretical studies of biaxially prestressed steel-fiber-concrete slabs under the action of a uniformly distributed load were performed. Experimental studies were performed on plates measuring 40x800x800 mm with prestressed reinforcement Ø5Bp-II in two directions. Samples of the first series were reinforced with a mixture of steel fibers of STAFIB 50/1.0 and STAFIB 30/0.6 with anchors at the ends, the percentage of which was 0.5% by volume of each fiber. The samples of the second series contained 1.0% by volume of NOVOKON URW 50/1.0 corrugated fibers.

A method for calculating steel-fiber-concrete (SFB) slabs based on the deformation method is proposed. This takes into account the real diagram "σ-ε" for uniaxial and biaxial compression of steel-fiber-concrete and increase the compressive strength of steel-fiber-concrete under conditions of biaxial compression. Stress losses in the reinforcement from creep and shrinkage deformations of steel-fiber-concrete are also taken into account. The results of calculation of experimental samples and their comparison with the results of experimental researches are given. They showed sufficient convergence. The difference was 1.1… 2.5%. It is established that the bearing capacity of biaxially prestressed slabs is 1.55… 1.61 times higher than unstressed slabs and 42.4… 55.5% higher than uniaxially stressed slabs.

Author Biography

Oleksandr Zhuravskyi, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Reinforced Concrete and Stone Structures


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