Stress-strain state of a three-layer cylindrical shell under internal axisymmetric pulse load




three-layer cylindrical shell, polymer filler, axisymmetric pulse load, stress-strain state, finite element model


The problem of dynamic deformation of a three-layer cylindrical shell under non-stationary loads in the case of rigid clamping of the shell ends is considered. The article presents the results of assessing the stress-strain state of a three-layer cylindrical shell, taking into account its structural feature, the ratio of the sheathing thickness and the physical and mechanical characteristics of a one-piece polymer filler. Calculations were performed by software complex Nastran. The values of displacements and stresses were calculated by the algorithm of direct transient dynamic process. The step duration of the time interval was 0.0000025 s, and the total number of steps was 200. The choice of the type of three-dimensional finite element was due to obtaining more detailed and accurate calculation results. The finite element model included 19000 three-dimensional finite elements and numbered 20800 nodes.

The influence of geometrical parameters of shell layers with different physical and mechanical properties of one-piece filler on the stress-strain state under axisymmetric internal impulse load is investigated. Numerical results on the dynamics of the three-layer structure, obtained by the finite element method, allow to characterize the stress-strain state of the three-layer elastic structure of the cylindrical type at any time in the studied time interval. Optimization of the shell design is recommended. Changing the ratio of the thickness of the internal and external shells of the shell significantly affects the stress-strain state of the shell and its performance. Increasing the thickness of the internal layer of the shell significantly contributes to the increase of the latter. Comparison of the given results with materials of other similar researches and positions, testify to objectivity of the made approach.

Author Biographies

Viktor Gaidaichuk, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics

Kostiantyn Kotenko, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Theoretical Mechanics


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