Application of stiffness rings for improvement of operating reliability of the tank with shape imperfection




finite element method, operating reliability, stability, tank, failure-free region, thin-walled shell, shape imperfection, combined load, stiffness ring


Strengthening of the tank thin wall taking into account real shape imperfections at the joint action of axial compression and surface pressure was offered with the stiffness rings. An efficiency of the use of two stiffness rings for improvement of operating reliability in the tank stability was evaluated. The numerical technique for studying the stability of thin imperfect shells with application of the program complex of finite element analysis procedures was presented. The computer model of the tank with wall real imperfections were constructed in the form of a thin cylindrical shell using spline-curves in a cylindrical coordinate system.The tank stability problem under separate and joint action of surface pressure and axial compression was solved by the Lancosh method in linear formulation and as a nonlinear static problem by the Newton-Raphson method. Precritical and postcritical behavior of the shell was considered. The influence of stiffness rings on the critical values of the combined load and the stress-strain state of the tank at different loading steps were investigated. The region of the tank failure-free work, which has the graphical presentation, confirmed the improvement of the tank wall stability due to the use of stiffness rings, especially in the area of surface pressure action.

Author Biography

Olga Lukіanchenko, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Candidate of technical sciences, senior researcher, senior researcher of the Research Institute of Structural Mechanics


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