Experimental researches of flexible constructions from perforated elements at a complex stress-deformed state





arch, stringer, experiment, test bench, gear, equipment, load bearing capacity, stress-strain state


The purpose and tasks of experimental researches of steel pre-stressed arches with perforated upper belt and perforated stringer of Z-like profile are formulated. They consist in establishing the actual stress-deformed state of constructions for their various design features and for different schemes of applying a load in characteristic sections on different settlement areas.

For this purpose a double-hinged steel arch with a span of9 mwith a perforated upper belt and a pre-tensioned arbor and a perforated Z-like stringer of6 mwas designed and manufactured; experimental installations for the study of steel pre-stressed perforated arches and perforated Z-like stringer at different angles of the design have been developed, which will allow the fastening of structures and loading them in accordance with the actual operating conditions; the actual values of the stresses and deformations that arise in the characteristic sections of the arches elements in different schemes of its loading and structural features, and the perforated stringer, which arise at different angles of the design; the boundary bearing capacity, the shape and character of the destruction of the arch structure with the arrangement for the zero value of the eccentricity of the tightening displacement and with the preliminary tension of the spacer and the perforated Z-like stringer made of a rolled channel at a rational angle of its inclination is established; a comparative analysis of the results of experimental studies with the results of calculations performed on the developed methods and theoretical calculations in PC "Lira" was performed.

The description of a double-hinged steel arch with a perforated upper belt and a pre-stressed arbor, a perforated Z-like stringer, as well as experimental installations, that allow fastening the structures and loading them in accordance with the actual operating conditions are given. The list of devices and equipment used during the experiment is presented. The locations of the measuring equipment in the characteristic sections of the structures along their length, which are located near the application of the external concentrated load, are determined.

The main conclusions from the results of experimental research are presented and the prospective direction of further experimental and theoretical researches is the study of the stability of the wall and the shelf of the rolling profiles at different settlement areas in sections with holes of different configurations and in sections without holes.

Author Biographies

Volodymyr Romaniuk, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor, Candidate of Science (Engineering), Professor, Department of Industrial, Civil Construction and Engineering

Volodymyr Suprunіuk, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Highways and Foundations


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