Transitional regimes under route to chaos in vibroimpact system

Viktor Bazhenov, Olga Pogorelova, Tatiana Postnikova


In recent years in nonlinear dynamics particular attention was paid to studying the chaotic behaviour of dynamical systems and their routes to chaos. Sometimes this route may be intricate. We watched such intricate route to chaos when studying the quasi-periodic route to chaos in strongly nonlinear non-smooth discontinuous vibroimpact system that was two-body 2-DOF one. After Neimark-Sacker bifurcation many different regimes replace each other. There are transitional regimes with inconsistent characteristics among them. We analyze these regimes with continuous wavelet transform CWT applying. CWT plots confirm just their transition kind and give clear picture of different frequencies presence in time series and their distribution in time.


vibroimpact system; route to chaos; transitional regime; Poincaré map; Fourier spectrum; continuous wavelet transform

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